Meet Muhammad A 12-Year-Old Barber Who Is Currently Trending On Twitter (VIDEO)

Meet Muhammad A 12-Year-Old Barber Who Is Currently Trending On Twitter (VIDEO)

Some kids are fortunate enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, while others are born into a poor home, whether rich or poor one thing is certain, which is that many children dream of becoming rich and famous in their future, but some kids are born already famous and wealthy or have amazing talent that makes them wealthy quickly.

Most of the youths who indulge in all sorts of crimes unfortunately uses poverty as a perfect excuse, while others sees it as an opportunity to showcase their God given talents.

Things are really changing now, the poor young ones are engaging themselves in different activities that will benefit them and their families.

Muhammad a 12-year-old CEO of a barber shop is currently trending on Twitter after a video of him doing the only thing he knows how to do best surfaced.


Instead of sitting at home blaming nature for making him poor like most young people do, Muhammad has decided to be useful to himself and for his family as a barber.

In the twitter video shared by @Rajjau1 who happens to be Muhammad’s client, the little boy can be seen confidently doing his work as a barber.


@Rajjau1 posted the video with the caption that says;

I visit a mini barber shop today, but

What i saw with my eyes surprised

Me a lot! Muhammad is the caretaker

/Owner of the shop. And he’s only 12yrs. May God bless him and his hustle amen 🙏

Watch Video Below:


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