House Help Attemps To Kill Her Boss With Sniper (VIDEO)

House Help Attemps To Kill Her Boss With Sniper (VIDEO)

There is absolutely nothing one cannot see if here this days, especially from social media.

Everyday we keep hearing all sorts of evils things happening us, makes me wonder if this world is really coming to an end.

An unidentified house girl has been exposed by her employer after she attempted to poisoned her.

A viral video making round the internet shows the moment the girl confessed to the crime after being interrogated by a woman who appears to be her employer.

During the course of the interrogation, the girl opened up on how she stole her madam’s room key, went inside her room and brought her drinking water from the fridge and poisoned it with sniper.

Although, it was not stated where exactly this happened or how the woman got to know what had transpired, but alot of people on the internet has the opinion that the woman installed a hidden camera in her room.

The video attracted mixed reactions, while some Nigerians are in support of what the madam did, others are of the opinion that the woman must have been so wicked to the househelp for her to think of killing her.


Now this is my humble opinion: I don’t know what had transpired between those two but I think the girl went too far by trying to kill her boss, if things didn’t work out the way she planned it should could have at least walk away or informed the authorities if at all she feel threatened.

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