Car maintenance: 10 ways to make your car last longer

Car maintenance is very necessary if you want your car to last longer. There are little things that when we overlook will cause the car to get spoilt easily.

Following the rules of car maintenance will keep it fit running for long.


Car maintenance tips:

1. Always check your car tire before you drive

Make sure that the tires are properly inflated. Under-inflated and over-inflated tired can cause several problems to the car.

Before you drive, check if the nuts and wheels of your tire are properly fixed.

2. Protect the car from harsh weather: Certain types of weather are not good for the car. Extreme cold or extremely hot weather conditions are not good for the car. Hot weather can damage the interior seats or exterior paints.

To prevent this get a parking shade for your car.

Use a window deflector screen or apply an ultraviolet protector to safeguard the inside of your car.

3. Change your car oil at intervals

Using the same engine oil over a long period can cause damage to the car.

4. Keep a check on your brake

The brake has a fluid that is used for it, make sure to check and know when you should change the brake fluid.

5. Always clean your car

Clean your car in and out and once in a while take it to a car wash to give it a good wash. Wet sands may have got stuck underneath the car and if not properly washed will cause rust to the exterior of the car.

6. Check the exhaust system

Your exhaust system should not emit black smoke while driving. Change rusted parts, tighten loose chains and check for a change in sound while driving.

7. Clean the radiator

Be alert to know when the radiator gets dirty, and wash it properly to remove debris.

8. Check your car battery

The terminals and cables should be fittingly attached to the battery head with no corrosion. If the battery is not in check, the car may not start.

9. Replace worn out seatbelts.

10. Service your car at intervals!

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