8 ways to make onions last longer

Onions are root crops that can easily get spoilt when they are not properly stored. Onion cropd are very delicate and can get spoilt even before you get to use them.

Due to the high consumption of Onions, there is hardly any kitchen that does not have onions.

The only issue it has, is its spoilage rate if there is no better storage.


Tips to make your onions last longer:

1. Don’t store whole Onions in the fridge. Avoid storing whole unpeeled onions in the fridge, they easily absorb moisture. It exposes them to humid conditions and makes them spoil faster.

However, peeled Onions can be stored in the fridge for up to two weeks while sliced onions will only last for 7-10 days.


2. Always store onions in a cool, dry and well ventilated room. Onions easily absorb moisture and if temperature or humidity are too high, they may start to sprout or rot.

3. Don’t leave onions in a plastic bag for so long. They may spoil due to poor ventilation

4. Keep potatoes away from onions, they give gases that will accelerate spoilage of each other.

5. You can store onions in a paper bag that have holes in them or in a basket to make them last longer.

6. Avoid storing large quantity of onions in a container, separate them or spread them out as much as possible.

7. Dry your onions after harvesting them before storing  to enable them last longer.

8. After harvesting your onions, spread them out in a well ventilated area so that the skins can harden.

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