15 air travel tips.

Travelling by air can be exciting and challenging, especially if you are going by air for the first time. Without proper guidance, you could be lost in the activities going on in the airport.

However, here are tips to help you if you want to travel by air:

  1. Make sure that your ticket has been properly booked.
  2. Get to the airport on time, at least 1 or 2 hours earlier.
  3. Don’t get your eyes off your luggage.
  4. Enter the boarding area and complete all the process with migration i.e if you are flying out of the country.
  5. Be attentive not to lose your belonging at the departure lounge.
  6. Always have your passport handy.
  7. Choosing a seat: if you do not want to surrounded by so many passengers choose the tail of the plane. If you want to take a little more space to stretch your legs, take the seats next to the emergency exit. For sleeping and relaxing- window seat is ideal.
  8. Wear closed and comfortable shoes.
  9. Wear long sleeved shirt or coat to avoid cold.
  10. Avoid tight fitting clothes, go on comfortable ones.
  11. Protect your valuable objects, if possible wrap fragile items like peefii or other glass items.
  12. Socialize with your environment, getting to know your seat mates will make your flight more interesting.
  13. Get comfortable for the take off.
  14. Avoid reading during take off of landing: Reading plus the feeling of emptiness and change in pressure can be a negative combination and can cause you to nausea.
  15. Exchange your currency if you are flying out of the country.

Travelling is fun with proper precautions and guidelines.


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