9 Coding apps that will make you learn coding faster

Coding entails the creation of instruction for computers using a programming language.

With the way, the internet is fast-moving, digital skills like coding are most sought by websites or individuals who seek their services.

Coding can be learnt from taking tutorials, reading e-books, completing coding projects, finding a mentor or enrolling in a coding Bootcamp. However, some apps help you learn how to code at your pace and can even make the learning process faster.


1. Code academy Go- helps you to review and practice have learnt on its web. You can read articles and stories that will get you closer to achieving your goals.

2. Kahn academy– This app is available on iOS and Android. It offers courses on computer programming and JavaScript, HTML, CSS, SQL. The app is flexible to use.

3. Solo learning– This app has a platform with a series of courses of multiple programming languages. It is an excellent choice for beginners. It allows you to share your results with others on the platform.

4. Mimo– Mini is a coding app that is designed with multiple learning paths that will teach you will like to make a real-world project. The app has several programming languages like python, java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS SQL, PHP and others. Mimo also helps you to select the pace at which you want to learn to code.

5. Code hub– This app is available on Android only. A is an excellent place for startups who are learning web development.

6. Code avengers– This app enables you to learn how to code websites, apps, games and more. It avails you the opportunity to choose which programming language to learn first.

7. Treehouse – Treehouse is suitable for designers and programmers. It offers HTML, CSS basics and even advanced HTML form.

8. Udemy– Udemy features over 130,000 video courses that cover more than 2,000 topics. As far as coding is concerned, you get courses on everything from web development.

9. Enki– Enki is a nice coding app available for Android phones. It offers topics in python, SQL, JavaScript, Blockchain and more. Each of the topics comes with a well-structured learning curriculum.


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