8 Uses of USB flash drive you do not know about

You may have been conversant with using a USB flash drive to share files between devices and store files; however, there are more you could do with a USB flash drive aside from being a supplementary backup.

Store Vital Travel Document

Frequent travelling can lead to misplacing of travel documents. Your Passport, visa and booking confirmation can go missing easily. Or packing it in the wrong bag can cause misplacement. Your USB flash drive comes in handy by storing your important travel document in the flash drive so you could simply slip your USB flash drive in your purse and go your way.

Lock and unlock your personal computer

With the PREDATOR Tool and USB flash drive, you can lock and unlock your computer like a physical key.
PREDATOR turns a USB Flash Drive into an access control device for your computer. So that when you leave your personal computer and unplug the USB flash drive, your computer gets locked and when you plug it back in, it unlocks.

Access wireless network quickly

You can achieve this by saving your WI-FI network name to your USB flash drive on a windows machine so that you can quickly connect to your wi-fi on other computers.

Connect to Television

You can play your videos, music or photographs from your flash drive on your Television. Most digital Television now has a port for USB.

For Games

USB flash drive enables you to take your games with you wherever you go by having them saved in the USB.

Run portable apps

You can run applications like chrome or Firefox with your USB drive on any computer.

Run anti-virus

When your personal computer is infected, you cannot access it, so you sometimes can run the antivirus through a USB flash drive. Some antiviruses offer USB or CD recovery tools. You have to download the USB or CD recovery image and use it to create a bootable USB flash drive.

Promote your skills

You do not have to get stuck whenever the need to showcase your skills arises. If you are a photographer, graphics designer, artist or any other professional, you may need to showcase your skills at a go. Simply store all your portfolio in your USB to enable you to showcase your skills easily.


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