8 Amazing facts about ATM that you do not know about

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a cash dispensing machine that eases the stress of cash withdrawal by allowing you to withdraw cash any time of the day without filling any sort of form or having to meet bank workers.

ATM is popular these days and can easily be found in towns and streets.

1.  The Scottish inventor of ATM, John-Sheperd Barron initially came up with an 6 digit Pin, but he decided to consult his wife who could only remember 4 digits of the pin, so, the 4 digits pun became popularly used though some banks in Switzerland and other countries require a 6 digit Pin.

2. ATM is mostly used on Fridays more than any other day.

3. The first modern electronic ATM was installed in 1967 by Barclays Bank in North London, UK, though it dispensed vouchers instead of cash.

4. The first ATM in China was installed in 1987.

5. It is easy to locate a stolen ATM because it has a chip installed in the ATM and has GPS installed, so it makes it very easy to  locate a stolen ATM.

6. The loneliest ATM globally is found in Antarctica.

7. In Australia and Canada ATM is called Automated Banking Machine, bank machine or money machine. In UK & New Zealand it is called Cash point or cash machine, in Europe – Bancomat.

8. The ATM in the Emirate Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi dispenses gold. And there are about 20 ATM in the United States, Britain and Germany.

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