5 Easy steps to take when your car overheats

5 Easy steps to take when your car overheats

When a car overheats, it is commonly caused by an engine experiencing high temperature, which could be attributed to  the car having cooling issues- a faulty radiator, broken water pumps, a leak,  or a malfunctioning cooling fan.

An overheating car is mostly detected by:

  • White smoke billowing out from under the car bonnet.
  • The strange sweet smell came from the engine area.
  • The engine temperature gauge in the dashboard moves into the red area of the gauge.

When a car overheats, it means that the car’s motor is high above the normal operating temperature. As such, the devices that cool off the heat from the car may stop functioning, thereby, causing damage to other parts of the engine like the gaskets, Hose and seal that keeps the engine running.


See easy steps to take when your car overheats:

1. Pull over your car to a safe place and let your engine cool off. Don’t keep driving, the longer your engine keeps running, the more damage it is likely to cause.

2. Don’t rush to open the bonnet of your car because the smoke billowing from underneath the bonnet could injure you.

4. Turn off the Air Conditioner. Leaving your air conditioner running will add a heavy load to the car.

5. Never try to pull the radiator cover while the engine is still hot. It comes to cause skin damage.


Most importantly, call the service if a mechanic for proper car checks up.


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