5 Apps to remove picture background with your phone

You can remove your picture background without needing a PC to achieve that. There are a lot of apps available for Android to remove the background of a picture.

You can have a nice picture with a shabby background that can make your picture look less attractive. These apps will enable you to remove background from pictures without having to run to photo editing software.



It enables you to remove the picture background and all sorts of elements that are in the way of your perfect picture. You can also use it to replace a background for another picture that you have stored. The app is both available on android and iPhone.



Pixelmator runs well to remove the background of your picture in a similar way to TouchRetouch. It also offers some interesting functions for those who need to remove the background of a picture. E.g using a brush to remove any unwelcomed object. It is available on iPhone.


Adobe Photoshop fix

It offers the most complete image editor in the world. It is a perfect app to remove the background of your picture and also has tools to highlight elements. With the Adobe Photoshop fix, you can copy elements and post them in other places in the picture. Available on Android and iPhone.


Ultimate Background eraser

An efficient app for removing background photos. It also comes with an automatic removal and the background are recoverable in case you need it again. This app apps let you export your images in PNG and JPG Format.


Enlight allows you to create your own preset and add frames. You can also share your creation friends from every social network.

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