Watch this amazing six-generation video of a family

Watch this amazing six-generation video of a family

I’ve heard people talk about fourth and fifth generations, but I never imagined that a sixth one could ever be possible in our lifetime.

But after seeing this video of a family with a great-great-great-grandmother, great-great-grandmother, great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and daughter, what more could I say? That’s an astounding six generations of the same family all living at the same time.

Though the name of the family in question was not disclosed by HipTV who posted the video on Instagram, but one thing is certain, they must have maintained a record of early adolescence childbearing.

Watch the video below:

Though six is very rare, but it is not the highest record our lifetime. According to Guinness World Records: The most generations alive in a single famiy has been seven. And that feat was achieved in USA by the family of Augusta Bunge in 21 January 1989.

But, the family in that video seems to be on course to break a record. Do you think it is likely? Please share your comments below:

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