VIDEO Odumeje Was Captured Begging For Alms In Aba Market

VIDEO Odumeje Was Captured Begging For Alms In Aba Market

A healthy Aba young man was captured in a viral video offering a prayer of success at a pharmaceutical shop.

In the video, the able bodied man identified as Odumeje instead of openly begging for alms, he  was seen on his knees praying for the shop owner, at first he was ignored but he continued praying until money was given to him and he immediately left for another shop.

Watch Video Below:

The rate people beg in this country is very alarming.

There is no type of beggars you will not see in every major cities in Nigeria this days, they are everywhere; in different forms, attires or persona.

Below are different types of beggars we encounter on daily basis:

It has become quite a common culture to walk into a metropolitan area and bumping into the following beggars.

1. beggars with fake wounds 2. lame beggars, they are usually on wheelchairs or wheelbarrows 3. blind beggars, they often use a child to lead them around and collect the day’s earnings, in most cases they use adults 4. Professional beggars, this type of beggars are neatly dress people who pretends to be stranded or distressed.

Some women have turned themselves to beggars because they have twins, triplets or quadruplets.Most worrisome is the fact that most of this woman are not the true biological owners of the children they parade, some of them are into child trafficking.

Every office you enter in the country today, someone somewhere will expect you to perform before you leave and if you fail to, they will boldly ask, ‘Ogah what do you have for the boys?’

Beggars everywhere, you find them as security personnel when you walk into the bank to make a deposit; you find them on the streets as policemen, charged with the duty of protecting lives and property; you even find them at Nigerian airports, the gateway to the world asking for handouts without shame from friend, citizen, and foreigner alike.

Am I not forgetting something, internet beggars; you find them on all platform of social media begging for money to do all sorts of things, money to feed, money to pay school fees, shamelessly plaguing the accounts of celebrities, whether fake or real; demanding giveaways and if you don’t they will criticise you.

All these have become the new normal in today’s Nigerian culture.

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