Frustrated Abeokuta Truck Driver Commits Suicide After He Was Asked To Pay A Fine Of N215, 000 For Violating The COVID -19 Law In The State.

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Yesterday in Abeokuta, a man identified as Fatai Salami  drank Snipper insecticide and died at premises of Ogun Traffic Compliance Enforcement Corps (TRACE).

It was over the controversy of a truck seized by TRACE officials who refused to release it.

From what we gathered, the man followed the truck driver to TRACE office to plead with them to release the truck.

The truck was seized due to social distancing and face mask rules. They were fined 215,000 naira.

It seems the man could not pay the fine and he just killed himself.

TRACE has however refuted the story. Giving another view entirely and denying the fine.

In a statement, the Public Relations Officer of TRACE Mr Babatunde Akinbiyi, insisted that the deceased was neither a truck owner nor a driver.

“The man was neither a truck driver nor a truck owner. One of our commanders and people around saw him sitting on the floor and they asked him to stand up.

” As he stood up, he brought out something from his pocket and drank it.

“We later discovered that it was Snipper he drank. One of his bosses saw him attempting to drink it and screamed, but before help could come, he had drunk it.

“He was rushed to the General Hospital Ijaiye and at the hospital, he gave up. So the case had been reported at Ibara police station here in Abeokuta,” he said.

He also denied the allegation that TRACE fined the deceased N215,000 for flouting the COVID-19 law.

“That is a lie, it is not true. It was later we found out that he was a manager of a fleet of trucks owned by somebody else and one of the trucks was penalised for violating traffic rules.

” We also gathered that the owner of the truck had warned him to ensure he returns with the truck or risk sack.

” Who knows, maybe that’s why he killed himself. It is so sad and unfortunate.

“He was neither a driver nor a truck owner, what he cane here to do we don’t know. A whole lot of them usually come into the premises.

“If you commit a traffic infraction, you have to be fined and if you think that what you are being charged is on the high side or you are being charged wrongly, you have the right to seek redress which we also entertain and encourage, ” he said.

Pls check on those around you.

Life is tough out there.

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