Covid-19 Wahala: Grandmother Heard Her Coughing So She Grab Her Throat And Started Praying For Her


Grandmothers are the the sweetest thing that thing can happened to any child.

The love they shows towards their grandchildren has never been in doubt.

While growing up as a child some of us  who experienced the love of our  grandmother will tell u how excited it is each time we want to travel to the village for holidays.

Indeed grandmothers are blessings from God.

But they can be funny at times.

While surfing on twitter I came across an old video, a very funny one at that and I thought you might wanna see.

At first I thought the was a domestic violence video and got scared for a minute before i saw the caption i definitely took this out of context.

In the viral video, the grandmother was captured grabbing her granddaughter’s throat while praying for her all because she thought she has contracted coronavirus.

She is casting out all the spirit of Covid-19 in her granddaughter’s

Watch Below:

For those of you who still have your grand parents alive, you should appreciate them.

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