5 tribes with unique but weird cultures

Each country, region, area, tribe and continent has a culture peculiar to them. These culture might appear weird to other people outside the tribe, but to them it is unique, beautiful and their identity.


See tribes with weird cultures

1.Mursi Tribe

They are found in Ethiopia in an Omo valley. Their women are widely identified with wearing wooden lip plate making their mouth engorged. They also wear smaller hoop in the earlobe creating a huge hole when it’s removed. It is their symbol of uniqueness and beauty. The female teenagers remove their down teeth and put in the wooden plate. Their Male warriors have plenty scars on their body as they tend to believe more scars fetches them more attention.

2.Massai tribe

They are found at southern Kenya and Northern Tanzania. They are cattle rearers and they feed on its products like meat, milk, raw blood. They drink the raw blood of their cattle. They also wear metal plate on their earlobe particularly their women. The females of Massai tribe are also circumcised. Massai tribe also uses spit as a form of greeting. Rather than shake your hands, they spit on you.

3. China

Chinese people have a weird custom where a husband carries his bride and walks on a burning coal before they get home and consummate their marriage. They also carry their pregnant wife through a burning coal bare feet to ensure a successful and painless labour.

4.Fulani tribe

The fulani tribe in northern Nigeria flog prospective suitors before they are accepted. If he runs away or cries, he is assumed that he is not capable of handling the marriage and isn’t ready.


Ethiopiansbull jumping is a weird culture. In some areas of Ethiopia, boys are made to strip naked and then jump ,run, and land on a bull. Not just one bull but many bulls arranged in order to welcome them to adulthood. The female friends of the young boys are flogged till they are sore so as to prove their loyalty.

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