FULL-TIME: Villa 7-2 Liverpool, Some Consolation For Man Utd Fans.

FULL-TIME: Villa 7-2 Liverpool, Some Consolation For Man Utd Fans.

Liverpool suffers a shocking 7:2 defeats in the hands of Aston Villa on Sunday night, one of those nights that every Liverpool supporter would like to forget in a hurry.

Aston Villa were ruthless in front of goals and they made no mistakes, they show no sign of Mercy with the premier league champions.

Grealish was at the heart of everything the hosts did well in attack, and Watkins, who hadn’t scored in the Premier League before today, has the match ball thanks to his hat-trick.astonvillaliverpool0410102020c

As for Liverpool – not sure what to say. We knew they play a risky game in defence but never would anyone have predicted this result. In the words of Roy Keane, they were “sloppy” today. I’m off for a lie down.

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With the latest result Liverpool set an unwanted record, they are now the first top flight reigning champion to concede seven goals in a league match since 67 years.

The defeat is actually Liverpool’s loss since 7-2 defeat against Spurs in 1963.livmnc_1

At least Manchester United fans will have reasons to keep fighting after  suffering a humiliating a 6-1 defeat at home to resurgence Tottenham Hotspur led by their former manager.

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