Watch this amazing video of the second largest fish in the world

Watch this amazing video of the second largest fish in the world

National Geographic Wildlife filmmaker and photographer Bertie Gregory recently spotted a mysterious animal swimming off the coast of Scotland.

That animal has been identified to be a basking shark, the second biggest fish in the world. Research shows that this supposed sea monster can grow to more than 10 meters (30 ft) long. An adult basking shark could weight up to 5,200 kg (11,464 pounds).

It is quite difficult to study this fish from below the surface of the sea, due to it’s massive size and poor underwater visibility. But Bertie Gregory was able to capture clearly the wonderful features of this giant fish with the help of a drone.

Watch the videos below and admire the amazing features of the fish:

Do you know, the most interesting thing about this wonderful creature is that it gets sustained by feeding on zooplankton (very tiny organisms drifting in oceans, seas, and bodies of fresh water) despite it’s gigantic nature.

According to Nat Geo, they have a preference for a particular group of zooplankton called copepods. But they have to carry their massive body to locate a patch of copepods, then open their giant mouth and swim through it, while the gills does the filtering.

Another amazing thing about the basking shark is that it cannot swallow a person with it’s wide mouth, because their throats are incredibly narrow. In fact they mostly referred to as gentle giants of the sea. What an amazing fish!

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