God did not commend men to provide for women – Reno Omokri

Popular Nigerian activist and Lawyer Reno Omokri has posited that God did not recommend men to provide for women and for women to be provided for.

It is generally believed that the primary responsibility of men is to provide for their women, but Reno said such beliefs are wrong and “unscriptural”.

According to him, God only commanded husbands to provide for their wives and not for boyfriends to provide for girlfriends.

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He wrote via Twitter:

“It is a very unscriptural belief to say that God commended men to provide and women to be provided for. There’s nothing like that in Scripture. God commanded HUSBANDS to provide for WIVES. He did not command boyfriends to provide for girlfriends.”

This will definitely come as a surprise to most people, but he seems to be right. Though, there is no scriptural law that prevents men from providing for women, neither is there any that said they “must” do so.

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