NewBorn Baby Was Pronounced Dead By Doctors, But The Mother Cried To God And The Baby Came Back To Life (VIDEO)


I came across a video on the internet that really melt my heart and I think you might want to see it.

The video is about a woman whose child was pronounced dead after delivery, but instead of giving up on his child the woman did something that most women nowadays finds difficult to do, which is making their petition known to God.

The mother held the lifeless body of his son onto her chest and lifted her voice and pleaded with to heaven and  a remarkable thing occurred; the baby miraculously came back to life again.

This was indeed a happy time for everyone around her.

The knowledge was highly regarded as positive news as people brought Praising to their various social media sites and thanked God for his mysterious work of restoring a dead infant.


IMPORTANT LESSON: Whatever situations you think you passing through in life, whatever problems you find yourself in, just know that you have the power to change that through prayers.

We all have access to God and he is always available to listen to all your heartfelt petitions.

And all the things you ask in prayer, having faith, you will receive – Mathew 21:22.

Sin is the only reason why we feel we are not worthy to approach God and that’s why we all need to keep striving to keep ourselves away from sin so that our prayers will not be hindered.


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