See What Happened To A Man After He Was Knocked Down By A Speeding Motorbike (Video)


Commercial motorcyclists popularly known as Okada in Nigeria are motorcyclists who carry passengers for hire.

It is one of the major and most common means of informal transport in Nigeria.

Its popularity and widespread acceptance has rapidly risen in recent years.

Unfortunately the rise has been accompanied by increased levels of high-risk behaviour and accidents; as a result they have come under heavy scrutiny culminating in legislations restricting and in some instances prohibiting their operations in some cities.

In some major cities, Okada ban has helped to reduced the motorcycle accidents while in other cities especially the remote areas are still experiencing the impact and recklessness caused by the presence of okada.

In a video posted online, a man who appeared to be under the influence of alcohol was captured running right into a speeding motorcycle which runs him down.

The okada rider did not stop and the man also got up but from the impact, something is definitely broken or swollen.

Watch Video Below:

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