Kanye West might have hurt his daughter with his abortion rant

Kanye West might have hurt his daughter with his abortion rant

Kanye West may have succeeded in making a heartfelt appeal while clarifying that he wouldn’t seek to abolish abortion if he eventually becomes the U.S. President.

But he did so at the detriment of his own family especially his seven-year-old daughter, North West.

The billionaire rapper held a surprise event in South Carolina to officially launch his bid for the White House on Sunday.

Kanye 43, claimed during his speech that he and his then-girlfriend Kim Kardashian considered getting their first baby [North] aborted, before she was born.

“I almost killed my daughter! I almost killed my daughter,” he tearfully explained.

He also told of how his own dad wanted to abort him as a child, but was saved by his mother, ES reported.

Those comments may have some negative effects on his daughter little daughter, who at seven would have developed a good sense of discernment.

Imagine watching your own father telling the whole world such sensitive things. She may be hurting.

Piers Morgan also noted that such comments may be embarrassing to his wife, Kim Kardashian.

The Good Morning Britain host described Kanye West’s speech as “one of the most shocking and disturbing celebrity meltdowns” he’s witnessed

Whatever his views of abortion was, it is a very hurtful thing for any child to learn about it at that age.

Even if it was necessary for her to know, such a setting was definitely not the best for it.

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