Fani-Kayode insults Journalist for asking ‘stupid questions’ in viral video

Fani-Kayode insults Journalist for asking ‘stupid questions’ in viral video

They say a wise politician will never let the words of a journalist get to him in front of the camera, but that is not the case with Nigerian politician and lawyer – Chief Femi Fani-Kayode (FFK).

The 59-year-old politician was captured live on camera raining insults at a journalist for asking him what he referred to as “stupid question”.

In a viral video interview which was posted on the official Instagram page of Hip TV, enraged Fani-Kayode was filmed degrading his fellow man who was just doing his job.

When asked a question related to bankrolling of funds, he burst out said:

“What type of stupid question is that? Bankrolling who? Do you know who you are talking to? I would not take any questions from this man, what type of insulting question is that?

“Who can give me money for anything, who do think you are talking to?

Although the journalist who felt very intimidated, apologized to FFK, but he wasn’t taking it at all.

He continued:

“Go and report yourself to your publisher, please don’t insult me here, I could see from your face when you got here how stupid you are.”

Watch the video below:

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