DR CAIRO: NDDC Give 700 Million For Contract Of 20 Milion (Watch Video)

DR CAIRO: NDDC Give 700 Million For Contract Of 20 Milion (Watch Video)

The speaker and the senate President are not aware of what the chairmen of the committee’s are doing in the national assembly, and members of the committee’s are not also aware, it’s just a one man squad only.

And I said this, between 2016 and 2019 emergency contracts of over 2 Trillion were awarded under the supervision of the chairmen of both committee’s, and this is the list of the awardees (he displayed in the video).

In this list the chairman senate committee on behalf of the senate, and when we asked the senate members they said they didn’t know, He collected 1000 of those jobs and said he was going to give it to the senate, the records are there.

There’s 1000 contracts were collected by a man called Nelson Agbamuche on behalf of the senate.

Furthermore they came, the immediate crisis now that came was as a result of the budget, how did the budgetrun into problem, it was in 2016, the beaurocracy told us when we came in that in 2016 there was no budget, 2017 there was no budget, 2018 there was no budget, the budget of 2019 was just passed for few days ago, what led to it, when a chairman of senate because chairman in 2015 he called beaurocracy and said look we, you need to include for me 15 million naira project in this budget, the beaurocracy said ok, that’s fair enough, they went behind and worked it out, when they came back, the chairman Said look, I didn’t say 15 billion, I said 150 billion, so the beaurocracy went back and they couldn’t comply, because there was no way they could do that.

So the chairman Said why don’t you make it emergency procedures, that’s how the emergency procedures were breached. And the commission now has a commitment of over 3 trillion, how can this continue? And that’s what the IMC and the honourable minister said look,we have to write it, it went further it didn’t stop there, the chairman house committee on the NDDC came up to us and I give you an example this is true, he brought out a training programme, emergency training programme for 6.4 billionand said that they’ve made the first milestone and that they need us to pay him 3.7 billion.

We say look this milestone you’re talking about cannot be paid because we have not done it, he said it just belongs to the speaker, we said are not paying, we went to meet the speaker, the speaker said he’s not aware of such thing. It was not in the budget at all, when they now passed the 2019 budget the chairman house committee now included it an emergency project and line by line item that we must pay the money we said we are not paying.

Now they’re talking about 40 billion, that we’ve expended40 billion or we’ve stolen 40 billion, how can that be possible.

All the payment we’ve made of projects I’mthe executive director of projects, I took my time, we have to verify, we have to inspect them, I took my time, I went from state to state, everything I recorded it and whenever it is satisfied that you have done work that merits payment we will pay you, and we were not paying as they use to pay, so the contractors are very angry, normally, once you have a contract in NDDCit is like you have won a lottery.

A contract that they will award to you in NDDC for 700 million you can use 10 or 20 million to do it. Dr Cairo said



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