Buhari’s Mental Health Condition Has Been Questioned After He Goofed Again On TV Interview Aired This Morning

President Buhari has gotten a lot of people wondering if he is still mentally fit to continue ruling this great nation.

Some people has the opinion that the president is not capable of continuing as the commander in chief, this is a result of his continuous public disgrace when asked a certain question.

Several times in the past, when asked a question, the president will always answer something that is not related to what he was asked, thereby raising so many questions which one of them is, is the president mentally okay?.

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For example, in his recent interview recorded on Arise TV, when the president was asked about one of his campaign promises which says that he will be providing at least one million jobs per year in other to tackle unemployment rate in the country, instead of answering what he was asked, he started saying things that has no relation to what he was asked.

Their Conversation Ensued:


Question. “You promised one million jobs per year to tackle unemployment, and we haven’t seen that happening over the years. What modalities have you now put in place to that effect?”

Buhari, answering: “We have changed the service chiefs, both the Police IG-P, Army Chief, Air Staff, and so on. Even though they were part of the security architecture, now that they are at the helm, we have given them the marching orders to go round the troubled spots to understand the issues on ground and deal ruthlessly with the criminals to restore normalcy to the country.”

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