“Better late than never” – Donald Trump’s new slogan for chasing after a lost election

Donald Trump is more determined than ever before to alter the outcome of the US 2020 presidential election in his favour.

The 74-year-old President was extremely disappointed after his lawsuit to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory was rejected by the Supreme Court on Friday.

Angered by that decision, Trump resorted a series of Twitter thread, calling out the justice system of America for not looking into his appeal.

“We’ve not gotten any court to judge this (the vote) on its merit.” @DanPatrick of Texas. It is a legal disgrace, an embarrassment to the USA!!!” he wrote.

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Trump still believes he got more votes than any sitting President in history and deserves to win the election. He also thinks the court screwed up by not giving a thought to reviewing the election he tags “rigged”.

“The Supreme Court really let us down. No Wisdom, No Courage!

“Don’t the voters have to know what the Federal prosecutor’s know. The establishment failed us. The media, congressional leaders, the Democrat Party? No wonder 74 (a pres. record) million Americans voted for Donald Trump, & they still don’t believe the outcome of this election…”

President Trump has not given up though, he continues his quest with a new slogan “better late than never”.

“The American people deserve answers, better late than never,” he stated on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the Electoral College are reportedly set to meet on Monday to formally elect Joe Biden as the next president.

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