5 Important Decisions Made at the Southern Governors Forum Yesterday

The 17 southern governors of Nigeria unanimously made five important decisions on Monday after a closed-door meeting in Alausa, Lagos State.

Read them below:

1. The next President come 2023 should be from the southern part of the country.

2.Establishment of State Police: on the matter of security the governors unanimously gave their support for the establishment of the State against the Federal Police System that the country is running.

3. Ban on open grazing by herders will take full effect in all member states from the 1st of September 2021.

The Forum had earlier announced the ban on open grazing early his year, they stated that cattle herders will only raze their cattle in government allocated areas.

It should be noted that Open grazing has been responsible for many of the deadly clashes between farmers and Cattle owners all over Nigeria.

4. Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) Law – The Governors jointly rejected the proposed 3% support money for the host communities in the Oil Region, They instead demanded 5% of the entire revenue generated.

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They also rejected the proposed 30% share of profit for the exploration of oil and gas in the basins.

5. Elections: The Southern Governors Forum stated that the compulsory electronic transmission of results during polls, should be included in the electoral act.

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