Nigerian Man Commits Suicide After Killing His Nurse Wife In Dallas

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A nigerian man identified as Azubuike Ohuabuna, shot his wife in the face. Accusing her of taking undue advantage of his finance.

It was gathered that the husband married and brought the deceased wife to the United States and sponsored her education until she becomes a nurse.

As an African man, Azubuike expect unilateral control over her wife’s assets, unfortunately as things didn’t go as planned for Azubuike he shot and killed his wife in cold blood.

After killing his wife the mother of his children he called 9-1-1 to turn himself in.

See Conversation Below:

911: 9-1-1 What’s your emergency?
Azubuike: I shot her in the face
911:I’m sorry, you said who’s been shot? Hello are you still there?
Azubuike: My friend, I said I shot the demon in the face. Yes me, Azubuike Ohuabuna. You can come and take me. She’s lying down here. She’s always lying.
911: Ok Sir, ok Sir. I know you’re very upset but can you please tell me if there’s anyone else hurt?… Hello Sir are you still there Sir?
Azubuike: *sobbing* oh! I’m finished, Chiamaka you’ve finished me, you’ve killed me (referring to wife)
911: Hello Sir, please is anybody else hurt? Are you hurt yourself?
Azubuike: No
911: Okay Sir. Thank you for that. Now could you please give me the address for that location?
Azubuike: *continues sobbing* You have killed me. I have… I have nothing to say to you. God! so this is how it ends for you?” Haa! this world is wicked (in Igbo)
911: Okay Sir, Emergency personnel are on their way as we speak. I need you to put down the gun so we can talk
Azubuike: What…where? No I can’t do that, I need it, I can’t do that.
911: I understand that sir but for right now and for the safety of…
Azubuike: I will shoot myself before your people near me.. Eh you think I’m playing? you think i’m playing?
911: Sir I know but I don’t want you to do that.
Azubuike: *Laments*..Telling me that my mother cannot come and live with me. She cannot come and live with us in Dallas. Eh, Who the hell are you? You’re a nurse so you’re God abi? (referring to wife)
911: Sir.. are you, are you there?
Azubuike: *Continues talking to unconscious wife* So you can build house in your father’s village but I cannot send Ikenna me Azubuike. Let me come and start asking you for permission to spend my money.. eh? You are a witch, You are a marine spirit (In Igbo language). That’s what you are. You’re a bitch! You kicked me out of my own house, turned my children against me. You want to be the man of the house abi?. Impossible… Impossible! *Sobs*
911: Hello Sir… hello. Are you there? Can you please speak to me? Are there any children in the house?
Azubuike: *talks to wife* What’s that? ehh (crackles gun) You’re not dead…eh… you are not dead eh? Look at me… look at my face! It’s me that shot you. So you think you can mess me up and go for free?
911: Please Sir. Could you put the gown down Sir. Please? Ok… I have emergency services enroute to your destination. All I need for you to do is put the gun down on the floor. Can you please do that for me?
Azubuike: You Americans, you think you can just… you think you can ruin my life?…*sobs* my destiny. Spoil my name. No! (in Igbo language). If you kill me spiritually, I will kill you physically.
911: I understand you’re very upset right now Sir but I need you to please calm down…
Azubuike: Hey hey what are you talking about? Are you an imbecile? Me upset? Did I say she broke my phone? I said this Obanje (Witch) finished my life, She took everything from me. All my hard work. For what? Because she’s a nurse?
911: I understand your frustration Sir, I understand. But if you don’t want to put the gun down, can you please go to another room so that…
Azubuike: I made her who she is, ask everybody I made you who you are. She was in the village begging me to marry her. All her family members all begging me. It was me. She was nobody! You were nobody! You become a nurse and then you start carrying shoulder, acting like madam, saying that you will not give me your check anymore. Tell me to leave the house now. No.. tell me to pack my load from the house that I bought.
911: Hello Sir. Can you please speak to me
Azubuike: (continues talking to wife) You know how to call the police all the time. Wake up and call the police now.
911: Hello Sir.. hello
Azubuike: Crackles gun
*siren blaring as police arrive location*
***Several gunshots heard***

Nigerian women are among the most industrious and selfless group of people who work in healthcare. Marriage is suppsed to be a partnership with mutual love and respect. You don’t invest by assisting someone with opportunity then hope you can sit by and cash in forever on the other person’s labor. Regardless of the circumstances that caused the breakdown, we can all agree that there are no justification for these killings

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