Mother And Daughter Die After Sleeping With A Generator In Their Sitting Room

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Mother and her two year old daughter died as a result of generator smoke they  inhaled in Enugu.

The Enugu state police order has started an examination concerning the end of a 32-year-elderly person, Ifeoma Nwachukwu, and her two-year-old girl, Chimuanya Nwachukwu.

An announcement delivered by the representative of the state police order, Ndukwe Daniel, says late Ifeoma and her girl hit the hay on September 3 and by the following day, September 4, and never woke up.

The representative said after getting the report, agents of the Division, driven by the Divisional Police Officer, SP Henry Chijioke Imo, visited the area of the episode. He said preliminary investigation showed that the deceased and her husband, one Joshua Nwachukwu, four children, and their two male visitors all slept in the same room after taking Spaghetti for dinner with a Generator said to be switched on in their sitting room.

Ndukwe said the husband of the deceased, alongside three others, have been captured close by one Nnamani Nkiruka (female) and the Mortician, Victor Onoh (male) regarding the case, which has been moved to the State CID for a circumspect examination to unwind the cause(s) of their passing.

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