Missing UNEC graduate reportedly found, a day after she was declared missing (video)

Maduka Chinonso Emily, the fresh graduate of the prestigious University of Nigeria, Nsukka, who was declared missing yesterday at UNEC, has reportedly been traced and found.

Miss Emily was reportedly declared missing by her close friend who is known on Instagram as @_ga_bie_.

She alleged that Emily got missing yesterday when she came back from church, about 11 am. When her parents called her line, a man’s voice was heard, and that was it.

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“The last time her phone went through when her mother called her and heard the voice of a man. That was the last time she was contacted. Guys I think my friend was hypnotized,” says Chinonso’s friend.

Meanwhile, according to recent reports, Emily has been found and she has reunited with her family.

A video posted on Instagram by Sabriadio shows the emotional moment when Emily and her mother reunited and embraced each other.

See the video below:

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