Hoodlums Burnt Down Abayi Police Station In Aba Abia State (Photos)

A police station located in world bank area of Abayi Aba in Abia State has reportedly been burnt down by hoodlums.

The hoodlums reportedly attacked the police station in the mid night and killed two police officers before the setting the place ablaze.

The inmates escaped during the attack.

See Footages Below:

The police has been targeted for hoodlums since the EndSARS protests which occurred in October 2020 and the police is fully aware of that and has taken measures to keep it safe.

To many attacks on Police stations in South East,this days is becoming too much, nobody is speaking up;maybe for the sake of political correctness. Nobody wants to condemn the hoodlums. Some of the victims of these attacks are Igbos, Nigerian police of Igbo extraction, yet everybody is saying anything. We are all acting as if nothing happened.

In Ebonyi state last Month, it was the same attack, two police men of Igbo extraction were gunned down, a man and a woman, yet we moved, we moved as if nothing happened.

If police had attacked the criminals now and in the process kill them the narrative would have changed, we would have started hearing how police killed innocent people. But now everyone is keeping silent because police are the victim.

Nigerians should learn how to set sentiments aside and condemn evil because if you don’t condemn it you are tactically in support of it.

The way we call for justice when security agents are involved in extral judicial killing we should also call for it(justice) when they are the victim because our society will be destroyed if we allow anarchy to take over the day.

A word is enough for the wise

Wisdom Iwu

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