Google unveils first Pixel Watch

Google unveils first Pixel Watch

Google unveiled several new gadgets during its I/O developer conference on Wednesday including the long-expected pixel watch, a new budget pixel 6a phone, and headphones.

The Google pixel watch is expected to be out this Fall. The pixel watch offers features that are similar to the Apple watch.

The watch runs Google’s Wear OS software and also Check messages, download music, get Google map, and can connect with other smart home devices.




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Made of recycled stainless steel, the pixel watch is unique because it adds fitness functionality, and is anticipated to have the most advanced health sensors park.

Aside from the new Wear OS by Google, the pixel watch features Fitbit’s industry – a leading health and fitness industry, meaning that you would have health and fitness tool right on your wrist.


Google had bought Fitbit for $2.1 billion in 2019.

Meanwhile, the price has not been released but will be a premium-priced product.


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