#EndSARS: Teenegers arrested during the protest allegedly moved to Kirikiri prisons (Photos)

Recent reports has it that some Teenegers who were arrested during the #EndSARS protest in Lagos have been moved to the Kirikiri correctional center.

Moe Odele, the legal practitioner who was involved in getting #EndSARS protester, Peter Eromosele Adene a.k.a. Eromz out of the police custody, stated this via twitter.

She said they “got a report of some teenagers in police custody at Lion’s Building”, but when they got there, they have already been moved to Kirikiri.

“We got a report of some teenagers in police custody at Lion’s Building…

“On getting there, we were informed they’ve been moved to Kirikiri. Someone is heading there to find out more. Still looking for any family members, thanks!”

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Those innocent looking teenagers are reportedly between 14-16 years, Moe even mentioned their names in her tweet.

See images below:

They were arrested on October 21 at Lekki for allegedly burning government properties. But according to Sars Watch, there are no evidence whatsoever to prove they were guilty of such charges.

Even their parents are reportedly not allowed access to them in the police custody.

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