Nigerian Army Allegedly Kills Five Protesting Students In Taraba


Each passing day the Nigeria government and it’s security operatives keep proving the #Endsars Protesters right with their actions.

News reaching our desk has it that the Nigerian army has sent at least 5 students of Holy Ghost Secondary School, Pave Chanchji, in Takum Local Government Area of Taraba State to their early grave.

According to Sahara Reports, the students were protesting and demanding for the immediate release if their teacher who is in police custody.

It all started when Mr Matthew, a teacher in the school, got married to one of his students named Ngufa Kavga without her father’s consent.

This didn’t go down well with the father of the wedded student who immediately reported the matter to the police and the said teacher was arrested by the police.

It was learnt that some students on hearing what has transpired between their teacher and the father of Ngufa Kavga, mobilised themselves and protested the arrest of their teacher.

Their messages was clear;

“Release our teacher so that both families involved could settle the matter amicably”.

Instead of addressing the issues like civilized people should, the special force stationed at the village decided to take laws into their own hand.

It was reported that the special force of the Nigerian army on seeing the protesting students opened fire on them and on the process killed some of students while others ran into a nearby river and drowned in the process.

Five corpses have been discovered while many are still missing,”

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