Man Defiles His 2-Year-Old Niece In Benue State (Video)

Man Defiles His 2-Year-Old Niece In Benue State (Video)

Man Defiles His 2-Year-Old Niece In Benue State (Video)

A 28 years old man has landed himself in trouble after defiling his two year old neice in Benue State.

The incident reportedly occurred at Okokoro road Otukpo on the 15th January 2022.

According to the reports gathered, the man defied his two year old niece after the mother of the child who happens to be his half sister left him in the living room with the kid and stepped outside the house to wash her containers which she uses in packaging Zobo and kunu Aya for sale.

When the child’s mother came back she saw his brother all sweaty and was pampering the baby who was also drenched in sweat.

She collected the baby from him and asked him what happened to her baby? He was silent.

She then asked her baby what was wrong and the little baby said it’s her uncle that has made her bumbum to be paining her.

The baby girl has been asked severally where the uncle touched her and each time she places her hand on her private part.

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A medical examination was conducted on the little girl and it reveals bruises and blood clots in her vagina.

The suspect has since been arrested and confessed to this offense, claiming it was his first time.

He will be charged to court soon where he will face the full wrath of the law.

The moments was captured and shared on social media platforms.


Man Defiles His 2-Year-Old Niece In Benue State

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