END TIME: Look What Happened To This Slay Mama After Her Last Night Encounter

END TIME: Look What Happened To This Slay Mama After Her Last Night Encounter

Everyday when you listen to radio or watch the news or even visit different News website, what you will see or hear is how Internet Scammers also known as (Yahoo boys) are using girls for money rituals.

Is disheartening and surprising that despite learning about how this set of people called Yahoo boys operates, some girls still chooses to risk it all by getting involve with them.

An unidentified Yoruba slay mama has gotten more than what she bargained for after she went out with a man & came back with a serious pain under her private part.

A video currently trending on social media captures the moment the Yoruba lady was seen crying and praying to God to heal her from her burning private part.

According to the lady who was speaking Yoruba, she is in serious pains, she feels like her private parts is on fire and According to her, all this started after her last night encounter with her male client.

In the video, her friend and ladies around can be heard asking her where she got the problem but she replied to them that she will repent if God deliver her first from this pain that’s killing her.

She pleaded with them to help her by  praying for her but nothing was done to rescue her helpless situation which they believed it was not an ordinary pain.

Watch the Video Below;


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