Cousin to late Usifo Ataga narrates his ugly experience after visiting the mortuary 5 times

A man who is allegedly the cousin of late Super TV CEO Usifo Ataga, has narrated his ugly experience after visiting the Yaba mortuary where his cousin’s corpse was laid.

Crime Fighters recently conducted a video interview with Barrister Franklin Ufu (late Usifo’s cousin), and his friend Okoedo Adomi concerning the case.

Okoedo Adomi admitted that the manner in which his late friend was killed was very unusual.

Barrister Franklin Ufu disclosed that late Usifo was the third child of his parents. According to him, the late CEO was raised by very good parents in a christian manner.

“He’s a guy who has business in his DNA, he is very respectable, he will never hurt a fly, he loves people,” Barr. Franklin alleged.

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“I have had the regrettable privilege of seeing his dead body five times, my cousin’s hand was tied so badly that the rope entered his skin.”

‘That binding could not have been done by that lady [Chidinma] alone, even if she was drugged, it’s not possible.”

Barrister Franklin also alleged that there were multiple stabs on late Usifo’s body.

Watch the video below:

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