Black woman violently brutalize a mother in front of her little daughter (video)

The Georgian police has commenced the search for a black woman who brutally assaulted a mother in front of her little daughter.

In a viral video posted on social media, the woman who allegedly came out of jail was captured assaulting her fellow woman at Little Caesars restaurant, United States.

The video shows where the suspect held the woman by her hair and repeatedly threw punches at her while dragging her on the floor. She had no pity on the woman, even when her little daughter threw herself into the fight to protect her.

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Most annoying part of the video was that everyone in the store did nothing at all to rescue the victim, despite her screams of terror. They allowed the woman to beat her, bang her head against the concrete, and walked away, leaving her a bloody mess on the ground.

Watch the video below:

The assaulted victim allegedly came to the restaurant with her stepdaughter only to meet the lady whom she said was harassing her for several weeks.

“I AM THE VICTIM,” she wrote, along with pictures of her smashed face and smashed car window.

“All I did was help a friend with her kids while their moms were locked up. She’s been harassing me for weeks. All I’m saying is that I never did any harm to her or her property or her children like she did. I had mine.”

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