Area boys attacks policemen for allegedly breaking into a closed shop illegally (video)

Violence erupted at Ikeja Computer village on Friday afternoon when some men of the Nigerian Police Force were allegedly caught breaking into a closed shop.

According to an eyewitness, about 30 police officers stormed the market to collect money from shop owners without any form of authorization.

The eyewitness also alleged that the policeman always stops at a particular computer shop to collect money (about 200 or 300 thousand naira) from the owner.

This time around, they came, but the owner of the shop was not around and they broke the shop without any warrant.

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People became agitated and launched an attack on the policemen, including their vehicles. Some of the officers were saved from being brutalized by an angry mob.

The whole scene was covered in a video posted on Instagram by Mr Ikenze Fidelis. Watch the video below:


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