Another crisis will occur in Southern Kaduna, in 3 years time says El-Rufai (Video)

El-Rufai says Southern Kaduna crisis occurs once every three years.
The Governor mentioned security agencies as one of the major problems.
Promises to put a permanent end to the crisis.

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Kaduna State Governor Nasir El-Rufai has revealed that the crisis in Southern Kaduna is triennial.

He made this revelation in a discussion with ChannelsTV News and Current Affairs Programme Sunrise Daily.

While commenting on the root cause of the crisis, El-Rufai hinted that the reports of the conditions shows it will occur every three years.

“Look, the Southern Kaduna crisis has been on since 1980 and one of the things we did as a government and myself personally was to read all the reports of the conditions of enquiry of all previous crisis,” he stated.

“And it was clear to us this crisis will occur at least once every three years. So we knew in our time of office that we would have at least one. So we are prepared for it.”

He also said that the crisis was an “ethno-religious intolerance” they inherited from the previous government.

The Governor also disclosed that the security agencies and the judicial system are the major problems they are having in putting a stop to the crisis, as most of them usually took sides with their ethnic groups.

He also made known his plans to end the Southern Kaduna crisis permanently.

Watch the interview below:

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