Children dip their hands in hot pots while hustling for pepper soup in Oba (video)

For some days now, Oba, Anambra State has been trending in Nigeria as a result of the lavish display of wealth that occurred in the village, especially on Friday when billionaire businessman Obi Iyiegbu, popularly known as a Obi Cubana, buried his mother in grand style.

However, in this same area where there seem to be many wealthy men, some people also struggle to get something to eat. This was captured in a recent video posted on Instagram by Sabriadio.

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Some children were spotted in the video, dipping their hands inside some hot pepper soup pots to scoop meat for themselves after the end of the burial ceremony.

Watch the video below;

The video above have generated several reactions from people on Instagram. While some felt these wealthy men were not doing enough to alleviate their people from poverty, others attributed the actions of the children to lack of proper home training.

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