Bokoharam Killed At Least 81 People In Borno State, Nigeria

At least Eighty one people were killed in an attack on a village in Borno state Nigeria, by suspected Boko Haram militants.

The attackers entered the village of Foduma Kolomaiya in the state of Borno’s Guibo district on Tuesday and began to open fire.

“They came in and started shooting indiscriminately at us, killed old and young, women, men and children,” village resident Abba Habu told reporters. “Even our animals were shot at.”

In a statement the Borno state government told journalists that the men attacked the village using armored tanks and trucks filled with guns.

In addition to the dozens killed, seven people including the head of the village were abducted and more than 400 cattle were stolen.

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Nigeria military spokesman Sagir Musa said the attack was carried out by Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa Province and that troops had been sent to the area to support military response.

“The Nigerian Army is committed to investigating circumstances of these callous attacks by desperate Boko Haram criminals and the bandits on innocent civilians,” said Musa.

In condemning the incident, President Buhari charged the armed forces to sustain their recent string of successes against the terrorists to extract a heavy price from the attackers, and bring back all those they kidnapped as well as the large number of cattle rustled.

He also expressed the sincere condolences of the government and people of Nigeria to the bereaved families, communities and the government and people of Borno State.

Wisdom Iwu

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