What is this? – People react to a suggestive photo of two alleged Nigerian kids

Increasing trends in globalization and moral decadence among youths, have turned the society upside down. Children are also getting hit by these changing trends.

Two alleged Nigerian children have gotten people talking on social media after their suggestive picture surfaced on Twitter.

In the picture, a little boy (between the ages of 10 – 13) was spotted confidently touching the breast of a a small girl about the same age.

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The little girl looked happy with what the boy did around her, as can be seen clearly from her facial expression.

See the image below:

Although the picture itself is highly controversial, but majority of the people who commented on it were actually surprised at the size of the little girl’s breast compared to her age.

“But how can this little girl have such breast at this age?” Someone commented.

Read other reactions below:

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