Video: Watch what this funny woman did during a burial ceremony

Video: Watch what this funny woman did during a burial ceremony

Jesus famously said: “where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather.” Similarly, whenever there is a burial ceremony especially in a typical Igbo land, there are few persons you will likely come across.

I prefer to call them “burial celebrities”, because they seemingly attract more attention from the visitors. And the funny aspect of it is that they usually cry more than everyone else.

I recently saw a video of one of the “celebrities” on the Instagram page of Mike Ezuruonye. An elderly woman was spotted in the video with beer in her hand. She seemed to be lamenting (in vernacular) that the deceased person left his/her loved ones.

But, what she did afterwards got everyone laughing. Watch the video below:

Could you imagine she was asking why the rice was not yet ready? That’s crazy! All these drama just for a plate of rice! That’s why I call them “burial celebrities”.

Have come across them lately? Please share your experience in the comment section below:


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