Video: Ronaldo calls himself ‘Neptuno’ after diving into the bottom of the sea without oxygen

Cristiano Ronaldo

Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo has given himself a new name after displaying his abilities in taking even the greatest challenges.

The Portugal star referred to himself as ‘Neptuno’ after making a dive into and out of the bottom of a 14 meter deep sea, without any kind of oxygen support.

He shared a video of the breathtaking challenge with his followers on Instagram, but strictly warned them not to try to do the same.

“Today I woke up and I wonder: What’s happening into the sea?! Call me Neptono,” Ronaldo wrote on Instagram

“#PleaseDon’tTryThis #14 meters”.

Watch the video below:

‘Neptuno’ of ‘Neptune’ is a name given to one of the farthest and massive planet in the solar system. Cristiano’s dive is indeed a massive one, he deserves to be called the Neptuno.

Meanwhile the five-time ballon d’Or winner and his family have been spending some quality time in the Mediterranean, aboard the luxury yacht that he recently acquired.

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