Man shamelessly embarrass himself while exposing his cheating girlfriend on IG live (watch video)

A young man has shamelessly embarrassed himself on front of his followers on social media while trying to expose his cheating girlfriend.

The guy angrily went on Instagram Live to rant about his girlfriend whom he alleged cheated on him with an unknown man.

In order to get back at her, the guy decided to video his girlfriend while she was relaxing with a liquor, then he started ranting about the girl’s sexual lifestyle just to demean her. But instead, he ended up getting embarrassed in front of his followers.

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They noticed that the girl in question looked a little untidy, with her hair not properly dressed. So they dragged him for not being able to take proper care of himself and his estranged girlfriend.

Some of his followers even concluded that his girlfriend cheated on him just to help them pay their their house rent and bills.

Meanwhile the girl maintained her cool despite the embarrassing situation.

Watch the video below:

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