RMD narrates a story that shows how valuable women are

RMD narrates a story that shows how valuable women are

Veteran Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo a.k.a. RMD has shared a sensible opinion on the importance of the girl child in the family.

While most Nigerian men usually do not consider themselves as complete men unless they have a son, RMD thinks it is foolish to complain about having only girls.

The 59-year-old celebrity narrated his personal family story so as to establish the fact that women are valuable in the family.

The actor said in the story posted on the Instagram page of Nollywood Online, that when his father was very ill, his sisters stood by him, while the boys are nowhere to be found. He alleged that girls are more submissive than boys.

Finally, RMD also made a controversial claim that every daughter is worth more than three sons.

Read the full story below:

“When my father was ill, my sister left her job to stay with him. My other sister left her business to work shifts with her. None of us boys left our business or work. Yet you foolishly complain that you have only girls? You have hit the jackpot! Each of your daughters is worth 3 sons! Having a daughter prolongs your life. She will not get into as much trouble as your sons. She is less likely to be disobedient. When she leaves your house, she will remember you. If you are too old to leave alone, she will move you into her home, matrimonial or not. Go and thank God for having daughters!” – RMD

Meanwhile, Richard Mofe Damijo is a father is a proud father of five children. His eldest son Oghenekome is from his first wife, Late May-Ellen Ezekiel, and his younger four children are from his second wife Jumobi Adegbesan.

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