Nadia Buari thinks women are as complicated as pizza [Video]

Nadia Buari

Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari has shared an honest opinion about women. Even as a woman, the beautifully talented actress believes they can be very unpredictable.

In one of her regular posts on Instagram, the 37-year-old celebrity compared women to Pizzas.

According to her, one who can understand why pizzas are made round, packed in a square box, and eaten in a triangle, can understand women.

“If you understand why pizza is made round, packed in a square box, and eaten in a triangle, then my friend, you understand women,” she said in a hilarious video.

“Are we really that complicated? she asks”

Watch the video below:

To be honest, I don’t understand why pizza is made that way. So, what does imply? You know better!

Meanwhile, Nadia Buari is one of the few celebrities that keep their relationships and private affair away from the public, despite being very active on social media.

Though there are no confirmed news that she was married to anyone, but she’s already a proud mother of four kids, including a set of twin girls.

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