How To Set SMART Goals in 2022

You should learn to set SMART goals; not just ordinary goals. SMART goals enable you to set achievable goals.

Goals are things you are committed to achieving. They are ideas and dreams that are yet to be fulfilled.

No one wants to set a goal that takes forever to accomplish. Every goal should have a vision of what the future looks like, it should have a set plan to achieve and the desired result.

Every goal requires an action to accomplish. You do not set goals and leave them get accomplished themselves.


To set SMART goals, your goals should be:

S- Specific

It should be sensible and significant. When setting goals, it should be something that others can key into without being confused; this is necessary because at times you may require to share your goals with an accountability partner to help you crush your goals.

Your goals should not be ambiguous.


M- Measurable

Set meaningful goals that can be tracked. Measurable goals mean that your goals should be something that can be traced and you should be able to measure the success level attained.


A- Attainable

Any set goal should be action-oriented. Before you set any goal, you should have in mind that you will take action to accomplish it. Any goal without action is as good as not setting it at all.

Check if someone has attempted what you are set to achieve or if it has been done by another person successfully.

Your goals should be something that have available resources that are within your reach to achieve. They could people or books or courses that would help you.


R- Relevant

Your goals should be rewarding and be able to create a change, either to your development or an organisation’s development. To every set goal, there should be the importance of such goal. If a goal is not there to make a change in an aspect or make something better, then it could be doubted to be a goal.


T- Time-bound

Any goal that is set to be achieved should be bound by a time frame. It could be a goal to a month or weeks or even hours.

When a goal is set without a time frame, it may take forever to achieve.

If your goals would be achievable, they should be bound by the time to achieve them.


Tips to help you achieve your goals

  1. Be precise: Don’t give in to the temptation of setting numerous goals all at the same time. Be precise with your goals.
  2. Be positive with your goal statement.
  3. Write your goals down: With this, you would always refer back in it them and it gives a sense of responsibility and work.
  4. When setting your goals, have a big picture before you break them into tiny bits. This could be a goal in your career, education, finances or health. Breaking them into tiny habits will be a part of your To-do- list. Here you list everyday steps to help you achieve your goals.

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