Heartbroken girl rain curses on Comedian Cute Abiola for allegedly using and dumping her

A heartbroken young girl named Anna Omogiate has taken to social media to call out popular Yoruba comedian Abdulgafar Ahmad (Cute Abiola) for allegedly using and dumping her.

Anna alleged that her entanglement with Cute Abiola started last year when the comedian sent a direct message to her on Instagram, asking for a relationship.

Anna Omogiate and Cute Abiola
Anna Omogiate and Cute Abiola

At first she was reluctant to accept the offer, but he kept on begging and chatting with her morning and night until she gave in.

According to Anna, the reason why she accepted to go into a relationship with Cute Abiola was because he assured her that he will never dump her for another woman.

But those were just empty promises and a deceitful way of getting her attention. When he finally got what he wanted, he dumped the girl.

Just recently, Anna got to know that Cute Abiola has already proposed to another woman and they are about getting married. Anna said the engagement broke her heart and they will never find peace in their marriage:

“This is just a tweet about emotional blackmail, his engagement tore me apart he won’t find peace in that marriage,” she wrote on Twitter.


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