He told me he had a girlfriend but I kept seeing him secretly – Bride-to-be, on how she met her husband

A bride-to-be has taken to social media to share a story of how she met her husband.

The lady said she observed that her Instagram page always receives a constant notification from a handsome man [would-be husband], who took his time to like all her pictures.

So she decided to return the favour by liking the man’s pictures. From there they became friends on Instagram and continued to converse.

The guy finally arranged for them to meet after their Ramadan and they had lots of fun together. However, he informed the lady that she was in a serious relationship with someone else. But the lady kept on seeing him secretly, until they became an item.

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She is now advising her fellow women to follow her pattern, as anything can happen.

“Ladies if a guy likes your pictures on Instagram please go and like his own back ..Again, ladies if a guy tells you he has a girlfriend and you love the guy please go ahead lol, anything can happen,” she wrote.

Read her full story below:



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